Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Joining the Green Scene - Eco-Awareness and Eco-Friendly Living

By E.S. Cromwell

In the position of a present-day, average and all-too-busy person, what they're concerned about is how to get by well enough day to day. Their thoughts are typically centered around education, work, families and financial situations. What they don't think about, at least enough of (or at all, being the worst case), is the way in which they're living effects the environment they directly interact with and live in on a daily basis. And even when these individuals do ponder their living ways, they consider them as routine, in line with the many others like themselves in today's world. They feel how they live is just peachy, even a bit simplistic in nature, encapsulating lifestyles pushed by actions and motions that, they feel, are not contributing factors to the apparent environmental meltdown which has been worsening for a number of years now.

The Harsh, Non-Green Living Truth - The Hurt of The Earth

Yet, what they don't realize is that they are in fact living in a manner which is hurtful to the one thing in which we need most - our planet and our home, earth. In all honesty, the lifestyles that most of us lead are not peachy or earth-friendly. At best, they are infused with an environmental stubbornness and ignorance showcased by acting and living in denial amid the current eco-catastrophe we've placed ourselves in. And it's not as if eco-concerns aren't announced or are completely non-existent. It's merely a matter of who's paying attention to such notifications, which sadly, isn't many.

An awareness toward the current environmental mess our planet is in must be properly instilled into these unaccepting individuals. Once this occurs, they need to acknowledge and evaluate the situation and act accordingly to combat their current non-green scene ways.

All It Takes Is A Willingness To Learn and Change

Leaving standard and non-eco-friendly actions behind isn't all that difficult. Even if you're unaware of the specifics to what makes the 'green movement' green, you can research and inform yourself of the thoughts, principles and actions behind the global, green movement.

In simplistic terms, the entire green movement revolves around sustainability, in an environmental sense. The notion that a balanced environmental state can be maintained at a certain, healthy level, indefinitely speaking, is what separates green individuals' motives from standard individuals lack of action. The green aim is one with intent and it strives to promote longevity (whether it be potential or actual) of vital human ecological support systems - such as climatic, agricultural, industry and other various issues that directly impact our environment.

Making Green Changes, Both Big and Small

By simply changing a few aspects about the way you live day to day you can do your eco-friendly part and ease your way into the green scene. Just think eco-consciously. To ease the obstacles our environment is currently trying to bob and weave through you can start by living a life with conservation in mind. Save our environment by using less water, minimal amounts of electricity and lesser gallons of gas and so forth. This can all easily be done simply by showering in a quicker manner, not letting water run when you're not using it...by turning off lights or appliances when rooms and items are not in use. And by purchasing a hybrid car, or driving less - only when needed. All these actions, as well as a slew of others can help you become a conservationist.

Truly, joining the green scene is something anyone can do. Even by starting off small with using something like a solar ipod charger or even a solar laptop charger you can be saving a considerable amount of energy and act in a conserving manner.

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