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Things to Consider When Becoming Eco-friendly

By Carolyn Peterson

If you are thinking about going eco-friendly then I think there are some things that are good to know before you make your decision. I know that I did not realize these things when I was in the process of making my decision.

The first thing to consider is how far into this lifestyle are you willing to live every day. I found out that you can get very detailed and make changes from the place where you live, the car you drive, and the clothes you wear on your body. You can also do something very simple like just change what you eat every day.

Second, I know that for my family we decided to start with making better choices with meals and use a water filtration system. We started having more vegetables and less meat with each meal to have a better balance of food. It seems like everywhere you turn there are large portions and it is usually meat and carbohydrates with very little vegetables.

Third, I also found out that drinking and bathing high quality water is very important. With all the different toxins that are being found in water each day, it is crazy why anyone would not want the best water they could get for their family. If you do a little looking you will find that there have been over 2,100 different cancer causing chemicals found in water supplies across the country.

In summary, you should think about how involved you want to get into this kind of lifestyle. Start with a small change to see how you and your family handle it. It could be hard to jump into a big change for some people. If you are interested learning what I found out about in my research then check out my web page below.

Carolyn is a passionate researcher and long time user of water and health care products to achieve a better quality of life. Visit her website to learn more about the products she uses

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

5 Eco and Green Living Related Exhibitions in 2010

By Catherine Gliddon

Many large corporations are making the switch to eco-friendly lifestyles, indicating that green living is becoming a very popular trend all around the world. To this end, there are a number of exhibitions around the world that focus on this crucial industry. Below a list of five exhibitions that are scheduled to take place in the year 2010 which are connected to Eco and Green Living.

1. EPIC Expo - This exhibition is officially called the Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Expo and will take place over three days in the city of Vancouver. There will be over 300 exhibitors who will present the latest technology, exciting idea and much more. The main focus of the exhibition is sustainable living, which will help significantly reduce one's carbon footprint.

2. Green Living Expo - This exhibition is set to take place in Honolulu, Hawaii and will focus on educating its participants on the need to preserve the environment for a better living. There are a number of special events that will take place in conjunction with this expo, like the Eco fashion show and the special Eco Car Display. This is a show where employees always seem keen to volunteer for, with a trip to Honolulu.

3. Eco Home Exhibition - This exhibition will take place at the prestigious Geffrye museum in London and will focus on methods by which to reduce the carbon footprint in one's home through various means. The exhibition is aimed at trying to change the mindset of people and reduce waste to increase the life of the planet. This is a popular exhibition and attracts exhibitors from around Europe and is the chance to see the latest innovations for Eco technology.

4. Eco World 2010 - is the first of its kind in Singapore. Participants will have the chance to construct an eco-friendly house model, which will give them a better idea of various green living practices. This is a great chance to see innovations and products from the Asian market and should attract a number of international companies.

5. Green Living Expo 2010 - This exhibition will take place in March in the city of London. It is an annual exhibition that brings to focus a sustainable consumer lifestyle that is both efficient and effective. This show is fairly new but is fast gaining a reputation within the Green and Eco industry and covers a variety of products and ideas related to the home.

Catherine loves to travel and works dealing with Literature Stands and Exhibition Accessories for events worldwide.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Being Socially Responsible and Green Living is a Good Combination

By Toro B. Chuong

In the last decade, the global temperature has designed by 1.84°C and it has become quite clear that the global warming is not a fictitious theory but a looming disaster. The scientific community has widely realized the fact and publicized the matter in order to raise some global awareness regarding the issue. Realizing the impending danger governments across the world has collaborated course creation of the Kyoto protocol and has invested huge amounts of money towards its implementation.

All the governments across the world have realized the fact that without social awareness no amount of rules or regulations can actually reduce the level of pollution and a huge number of campaigns have been launched to remedy the situation. Now it is our responsibility to create a socially responsible and greener lifestyle to reduce the levels of pollution and save our precious limited resources. Scientific communities across the world have announced several simple rules or steps that can be taken towards creating a more socially responsible and green living atmosphere.

These simple steps are outlined as follows:

Create an energy efficient home: an energy efficient home will greatly reduce the usage and wastage of energy and this can be easily achieved by simple replacements of lighting fixtures with more energy efficient options. Consumers are also urged towards buying more energy-efficient appliances for their household purposes.

Reduce the amount of waste: any home can easily increase their socially responsible behavior by reducing the amount of waste they produce by simply using leftovers for breakfast rather than throwing them away or even donating unused clothing or furniture to organizations like Salvation Army rather than throwing them in trash.

Recycling: this is one of the biggest aspects that can really create a socially responsible green home. Modern-day technologies allow easy recycling of water around the halls to be used for more than one purpose, which effectively minimizes the wastage of water around the house. Also simply recycling your aluminum cans, plastic bottles or even glassware can greatly reduce pollution and contribute towards a more socially responsible behavior.

Become a more socially responsible consumer: a simple step like choosing a paper bag over plastic for bagging your groceries at the grocery store can be one of the most effective steps towards making up a greener planet. There are also many other steps that can easily be utilized towards the same.

In conclusion, it is our responsibility to create a greener planet, and it is as easy as a walk in the park.

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Save the Planet - Start Living Green!

By James Corbin

What is all this stuff about Sustainable Living, Renewable Resources, or Going Green? There are so many different definitions, what does it really mean to the average guy or girl? I guess it can all be boiled down into one sentence. The Earths' resources should not be used up faster than they can be replaced or put back! What resources? What are you talking about, you say. Well, things like fossil fuel (oil, coal, natural gas), all of our forests (trees, plants, etc.), all of the wildlife, the oceans and all that reside there, the very air that we breath and so on, and on. It's easy to see how all this is connected and the things that we do and decisions we make today, can definitely affect our future.

When I first started hearing about and paying attention to "sustainable living" or "living green" I thought that this just might be another catch phrase or scam or con to eventually become another money grab. Then the more reading and research that I did, I began to think that there might really be something to all this. It just seems to make sense. Like in our own families, when we plan poorly and overspend or overuse our resources, there will definitely be consequences. And mostly negative! The same would apply in our environment, if we overuse and do not replace, there will be consequences, and mostly negative!

So hence the reason for this series of articles which I intend to write. Mostly due to the promptings and support of a dear wife, I intend to share on a regular basis how one person or family can respond to the call for "green living" and to be aware of our surroundings and what our impact is on those surroundings and what we can do to improve the situation.

What are the steps that we as individuals or families can take to improve the situation? I think that the first thing that should be done is to recognize that a problem does exist and then make a personal commitment to do whatever you can about it. Once you have done that on a personal level, then it should be done on a family level. I think that is the only way real change can be implemented. And then when other folks see and recognize that other people are changing and doing something, they will join in and change and do something also. Then businesses will see the changes people are making and make some changes also, if they want the benefit of continuing to receive your business. A chain reaction will start around this "living green" thing and really get the ball rolling.

I think a family meeting would be in order. And encourage everyone to really take it serious. Identify the issues that face the family and what the family can do individually or as a group to resolve those issues. Come up with a plan! Write it down and display it where all the family can see it and take ownership of their part in it. There is a place you can go to evaluate the ecological footprint of the family at There you can actually see the effect your family has on the environment. Then you can make a plan to reduce it and actually get on the road to "living green".

The author has just recently become involved in going green and a sustainable lifestyle. More articles are to come. He has also become involved in repairing and restoring electric guitars. He is building a new website dedicated to electric guitar parts and supplies. Visit his site at

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