Monday, February 1, 2010

Consider Living in an Eco-Friendly Home

By Lian Canonigo

If you are looking for a house and you want something eco-friendly, then this is something that you should give much of your effort to. Finding a new home can really be a tough job, but searching for a green home is incredibly tougher. Nowadays, there are several green homes out in the market. Some of them are even for lease. However, you can not immediately jump into signing any agreement by simply listening to a broker claiming that such property is eco-friendly. You have to identify it by yourself that it is indeed an eco-friendly home.

So how are you going to detect whether it is a green home?

Normally, when you find for a possible house, it is the location that you first look into. This helps you narrow down your choices. Well, if your aim is to live in a green house, try to consider places that are near your workplace, your kids' school and public transportation. In this way, you can minimize the use of your vehicles which causes emission of harmful elements to the air. Regardless of how you test your emission, it can somehow give negative impact to the air. You can try browsing through the internet for more houses for sale suggestions in a particular community.

Another thing you have to keep in mind when searching for green houses, you need to know the basic features of such home. You have to be aware of the characteristics like the construction materials used. The positioning of the house and how the surroundings are affected when there is climate change. A good example of this is during winter, will you be hit by the winter sun. Or if summer season is coming, is it too hot in your place. Knowing these things will help you adjust your living condition as well as monitor the use of your cooling and heating system in the house.

The size of the house should also be included in your list of qualifiers. When you get a bigger and wider house, you will have more energy consumption. This is because since the space is too big, you need to set your cooling system at a higher lever as well as your heaters. Aside from that, you will have to install more lights and frequently use them to light every part of your house. Unlike in medium size homes, they can easily monitor the use of their utilities. They can easily get away with natural lighting and cool breeze that goes inside their home. The air can make the surrounding cooler since they have smaller space to go around. Hence, you can stay in a place without the turning your airconditioner.

The style of the house will also be essential if you wish to stay in an eco-friendly home. You have to be familiar with the insulation of the house. Does it have bigger windows? Will you be fully protected during extreme weather elements? Questions like these must be answered properly so you will know if it is indeed a green home. You see, the safety of a certain house is very much essential regardless if it is a green home or just an ordinary one.

There can be so many identifiers for an eco-friendly house. The factors mentioned above are some of the basic ones. But the very first thing you have to do is educate yourself about the whole concept of eco-friendly home. Once you are fully aware of the idea, it will be easier for you to distinguish which one is a genuine eco-friendly house.

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