Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Being Socially Responsible and Green Living is a Good Combination

By Toro B. Chuong

In the last decade, the global temperature has designed by 1.84°C and it has become quite clear that the global warming is not a fictitious theory but a looming disaster. The scientific community has widely realized the fact and publicized the matter in order to raise some global awareness regarding the issue. Realizing the impending danger governments across the world has collaborated course creation of the Kyoto protocol and has invested huge amounts of money towards its implementation.

All the governments across the world have realized the fact that without social awareness no amount of rules or regulations can actually reduce the level of pollution and a huge number of campaigns have been launched to remedy the situation. Now it is our responsibility to create a socially responsible and greener lifestyle to reduce the levels of pollution and save our precious limited resources. Scientific communities across the world have announced several simple rules or steps that can be taken towards creating a more socially responsible and green living atmosphere.

These simple steps are outlined as follows:

Create an energy efficient home: an energy efficient home will greatly reduce the usage and wastage of energy and this can be easily achieved by simple replacements of lighting fixtures with more energy efficient options. Consumers are also urged towards buying more energy-efficient appliances for their household purposes.

Reduce the amount of waste: any home can easily increase their socially responsible behavior by reducing the amount of waste they produce by simply using leftovers for breakfast rather than throwing them away or even donating unused clothing or furniture to organizations like Salvation Army rather than throwing them in trash.

Recycling: this is one of the biggest aspects that can really create a socially responsible green home. Modern-day technologies allow easy recycling of water around the halls to be used for more than one purpose, which effectively minimizes the wastage of water around the house. Also simply recycling your aluminum cans, plastic bottles or even glassware can greatly reduce pollution and contribute towards a more socially responsible behavior.

Become a more socially responsible consumer: a simple step like choosing a paper bag over plastic for bagging your groceries at the grocery store can be one of the most effective steps towards making up a greener planet. There are also many other steps that can easily be utilized towards the same.

In conclusion, it is our responsibility to create a greener planet, and it is as easy as a walk in the park.

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