Thursday, January 28, 2010

5 Eco and Green Living Related Exhibitions in 2010

By Catherine Gliddon

Many large corporations are making the switch to eco-friendly lifestyles, indicating that green living is becoming a very popular trend all around the world. To this end, there are a number of exhibitions around the world that focus on this crucial industry. Below a list of five exhibitions that are scheduled to take place in the year 2010 which are connected to Eco and Green Living.

1. EPIC Expo - This exhibition is officially called the Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Expo and will take place over three days in the city of Vancouver. There will be over 300 exhibitors who will present the latest technology, exciting idea and much more. The main focus of the exhibition is sustainable living, which will help significantly reduce one's carbon footprint.

2. Green Living Expo - This exhibition is set to take place in Honolulu, Hawaii and will focus on educating its participants on the need to preserve the environment for a better living. There are a number of special events that will take place in conjunction with this expo, like the Eco fashion show and the special Eco Car Display. This is a show where employees always seem keen to volunteer for, with a trip to Honolulu.

3. Eco Home Exhibition - This exhibition will take place at the prestigious Geffrye museum in London and will focus on methods by which to reduce the carbon footprint in one's home through various means. The exhibition is aimed at trying to change the mindset of people and reduce waste to increase the life of the planet. This is a popular exhibition and attracts exhibitors from around Europe and is the chance to see the latest innovations for Eco technology.

4. Eco World 2010 - is the first of its kind in Singapore. Participants will have the chance to construct an eco-friendly house model, which will give them a better idea of various green living practices. This is a great chance to see innovations and products from the Asian market and should attract a number of international companies.

5. Green Living Expo 2010 - This exhibition will take place in March in the city of London. It is an annual exhibition that brings to focus a sustainable consumer lifestyle that is both efficient and effective. This show is fairly new but is fast gaining a reputation within the Green and Eco industry and covers a variety of products and ideas related to the home.

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